Elly Kace – I (2021)

With her latest album Nothing I See Means Anything, Elly Kace is breaking away from the musical style she trained in. Moving from her acclaimed and award-winning opera singing, she is taking a pop turn. Coming off the concept album is the single ‘I’ which offers a taste of what the album as a whole has to offer.

Along with the music video, the single captures part of the cathartic journey that is woven into the album. With a sound that is authentic, open and full of life, she pours her passion into each note and pushes the boundaries of pop and dance. Drawing on an understanding of the limitations we place on ourselves, Kace looks to offer liberation through her music.

‘I’ softly opens with a tender breeze of delicate, almost ambient, tones. The lightness of the melody dusts over our senses and has your muscles relaxing into it. The melody continues the delicate tones like a calm dawn with a slight chill to the air that has you feeling that the day will be great. While tender and light, the music does have a forward movement that leads you to a glitter of tones later in the track. This cascade of twinkling tones lifts your spirit and has you floating through the soundscape.

Over the softness of the melody, Kace’s vocals are hypnotic and rather meditative. While there is a hit of pop to her performance, it is laced with folk tenderness that is enhanced by the music. The delicacy of her vocals is so touching as they breeze into your senses with the music. The lightness of her performance allows the lyrics to shine with their emotive power. There is a feeling is acceptance of yourself that empowers you and lifts your spirits. If you are looking for a single that is soft and uplifting while filling you with inner strength, this is the one you should listen to.

The utter delicacy of the music is brought to visual life with the accompanying music video. Starring Jasmine Mendoza, the video brings the early morning light of dawn to a beautiful dance. Mendoza’s movements are as flowing as the music while Kace’s vocals add a poignancy to the dance. It is a stunning capturing of the sentiments of the single as they are turned into an interpretive dance. You really can’t stop watching the video as you sink into the softness of the single.

Elly Kace has you sinking into soft tones while feeling a light sense of inner peace and strength through ‘I’. The single is delicate and tender from start to finish with twinkling tones and airy vocals that carry a deep emotional hit. The accompanying music video is captivating as the dance keep you hooked to the screen.

Find out more about Elly Kace on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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