Emma Dark – Be Still (2021)

Inspired by the children’s poem ‘The Spider and the Fly’, singer-songwriter Emma Dark explores darker existential truths in her music. Combining elements of emo and alternative rock, Dark has a hard-hitting sound. While she may have the role of frontwoman, others are involved to create the force of this US-based band.

Powerful instrumentation is provided by guitarist Dillon Brown, bassist Erin Wannamaker and drummer Owen Guercio to merge with Dark’s obscure vocals. Despite having only two tracks to their name, the naturally talented quartet have featured on It’s All Indie, Right Chord Music and several online playlists. We have the honour of introducing you to Emma Dark with their single ‘Be Still’.

Similar to their well-received debut single ‘Dinner Time’, ‘Be Still’ is forceful with dynamic instrumentation. A mish-mash of Hole, Paramore and underlying My Chemical Romance, Emma Dark explores the despair of emo with the hyped-up joviality of pop-punk. While there is a nod to bands of 15-20 years ago, the quartet adds a contemporary flair with their edgy….edginess.

A relatively new band, there is not much to be said about a long reputation for their sound; however, it is clear that Emma Dark is sure to be known for their complex lyricism atop moving melodies. Generally touching on existential issues of fear and control in modern society, ‘Be Still’ looks at the intricate relationship between entrapment and needing to remain calm. Thing is, while the poetic lyricism has a true depth it is the instrumentation that enhances its poignancy.

Reminiscent of Halestorm, the pounding drums and fiery guitars plunge you into a deep pool of turbulent water. While there is a tangible force behind this soul-stirring instrumentation, the musicians add an otherworldliness to the swirl of sound. This is particularly seen with Dark’s haunting vocals weaving through the black pool with a sense of desperation and lingering optimism.

Teetering on the cusp of elegant fragility and assertive confidence, Emma Dark has a unique and refreshing sound that will leave you shivering from head to toe.

For more from Emma Dark check out her Instagram and Spotify.

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