Emil – Deserve (2020)

If you are looking for a sad-boy anthem, look no further than ‘Deserve’ by Emil. This indie-pop song offers you the chill vibes you are looking for with a flare of pop sensibilities. The combination is one that will captivate you and could easily become the top song on your go-to playlist.

This is made possible by the skilled artistry of Emil and his passion for storytelling. There is a depth to his music that draws on his past and rocked by his unique hip-hop vibes. Whether you enjoy rap or hip-hop will not matter as you listen to this single because there is something undeniable about it.

‘Deserve’ starts with these sad notes that have this unbelievable sense of sadness to them. They move away to let the deep hip-hop beats of the track to take over. However, they are still lurking in the background add this melancholic thread to the song. The faster main melody of the track is super catchy, but that thread wraps itself around the shuffling beats to add this extra melodic turn to everything.

Emil’s vocals smoothly enter over that sad thread before the hip-hop beats come. His soaring singing sets up the song perfectly for his melodic rap style. The chorus is so catchy that you are going to sing along and it might just pop into your mind at strange times after you stop listening. His performance is both fun and serious as he swings from justification to overriding sadness. The nuance of his vocals is amazing and you will appreciate it more as the song progresses.

Emil hits you with chill vibes, melodic rap and engaging beats for the ultimate sad-boy anthem in ‘Deserve’. The hip-hop beats have this sad thread twined into them while Emil’s vocals take you through so many different emotions. The singing chorus is catchy, but his melodic rap verses are just as captivating.

Find out more about Emil on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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