Tryzdin – A New Way (2020)

The first time I heard Tryzdin was when he collaborated with Saint Mars for their single ‘Ocean Blues’. I remember being amazed at his ability to infuse intense emotions into his vocals. Now, he is out with his first single ‘A New Way’ and it lives up to all expectations I might have had. Touching on empowerment and overcoming your fears, he encourages you to find a new way and follow your dreams.

While only 15, his smooth style and powerful vocal performance are already making a serious impression on a lot of people. This song has a personal connection for him, but there is something universal about the sentiments he talks about. Taking inspiration from legendary American styles, you will be on the hook from start to finish.

‘A New Way’ has this clapping beat in the opening that draws you into the melody. The smooth acapella style that follows sets the slow build of the track. That clapping melody stays throughout the song and makes you want to move your foot to the beat. There are a lot of elements in the melody that are working together wonderfully. The clapping and stamping of people in acapella style combine with the piano line to form a solid foundation for Tryzdin’s powerful vocals.

When his voice enters, it starts off as smooth and soft as the melody. It builds in power as the song continues and you start to soar with him. His performance is so full of emotion that you feel it deep in your chest. You are taken through the negative emotions of the lyrics only to propel into a fighting spirit. There is an uplifting feeling to this song that will leave you feeling like you can take on anything.

Tryzdin empowers you and gives you the energy boost you need to overcome your fears and move forward with ‘A New Way’. The acapella style and clapping melody get you into the vibe only for Tryzdin’s vocals to blow you away. He fills each word with emotion and has you moving from dark pressure to fighting for a way to follow your dreams.

Find out more about Tryzdin on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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