Emilio Lanza – It Wasn’t True (2020)

The story of a 24-hour heartbreak is not one you hear very often. Thankfully, Emilio Lanza is here to change that with his single ‘It Wasn’t True’. This catchy pop song hits you with some serious 80s vibes to tell this tale. Uplifting yet fluid, it is able to capture everything about these moments in its expressive tones.

While Lanza has been surrounding himself with music since age 10, he spent many years working on covers. It was only in 2015 that he felt comfortable working on his own music and has since been keeping people hooked to his sound. His expressive melodies and romantic lyricism transport you into the stories he has to tell.

‘It Wasn’t Time’ gets you into the vibe with his steel-string acoustic guitar. His picking skills are on full display in the melody as you are drawn into the track. The melody has a very early 2000s vibe to it, but the chorus has these big 80s notes. This pushes the emotions of the track and gets you into the catchy threads of the single.

Lanza’s vocals are smooth and emotive. As he works through the touching lyrics of the track, you are drawn into the scene. You can feel the emotions of the moment deep in your chest. There is a fluidity to his performance that slides against you and makes your head move to the rhythm of the track. The chorus is really catchy and you will start singing along before the song comes to an end.

The catchy and expressive ‘It Wasn’t True’ by Emilio Lanza keeps you hooked from the guitar opening to the final notes. Through his expressive lyricism and performance, you are filled with the emotions of a 24-hour romance.

Find out more about Emilio Lanza on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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