Moscato – Thamel (2020)

The world is a melting pot of experiences and contradictions that make us into who we are. The essence of the human journey forms the basis of ‘Thamel’ by Moscato. Through wavering sounds and haunting vocals, he creates a blend of symphonic, acoustic and electronic sounds. This forms the backdrop for listeners to create their own melding of colours and mysteries.

The soundscape used for this single is every bit the melting pot of the world. Through each note, you are encouraged to find your own solace. However, there is never a moment where you are forced in a specific direction allowing you to dance to your own rhythm.

‘Thamel’ draws you in with this easy and gentle acoustic guitar opening. The easiness of the guitar line lets you relax back and let your mind drift. The melody continues to have this gentle pace and soft feeling as the guitar remains. It is joined by light twinkling notes that softly grab your attention before moving away. The orchestral backing builds up slowly in the background of the melody to a peak before you are softly let down. This is when the drums hit you, but they are as gentle as the rest of the song.

Threaded into the melody are the vocals which are there to evoke emotions and not lead you anywhere in particular. They have this colourful vibe to them like a swirling of paint being mixed to form something new. When the drums come into the melody, there are additional backing vocals that add a little something to the song. There is something epic and vast about this song and you will hear something new in it every time you listen.

Moscato encourages you to recreate yourself and find the swirl of colours within you through his single ‘Thamel’. Using a melody that melds multiple musical elements, you are encouraged to look inward. Each time you listen to this single, you will be filled with new emotions.

Find out more about Moscato in his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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