Emoción – Milonga Para Sonja (2020)

Emoción draws on a milonga, slow tango, for inspiration on their latest single ‘Milonga Para Sonja’. A mesmerising acoustic love song, the single was a wedding present for Joris Laenen’s wife after being separated for months. Taking the desire and heartache he felt, he moulded it into a tender single full of beauty and no-frills.

To create this love song, Laenen (piano), Servine (vocals), Soledad (violin), Kiko (cello) and Ferdinand (percussion) pooled their skills. Together, they form an international ensemble creating touching and emotive music. Taking away the production that many songs go through, they leave you with a single that is pure poetry for your ears.

‘Milonga Para Sonja’ draws you in with a slow tango opening full of delicate notes. This leads smoothly to Servine’s vocals. Her velveteen vocals wrap around you and slowly twirl you further into the single. There is a great jazzy flow to her performance that you get really lost in. Her voice has an amazing delicacy but lying beneath is so much power making it utterly beautiful to listen to. She has the ability to transport you into a dimly lit venue where you can just sit back and enjoy the music. The poetry of the lyrics shines through in her performance even if you do not understand the language.

While Servine’s vocals send you floating along her beautiful performance, the acoustic instrumentation adds to the splendour of the single. The light piano line from Laenen helps to set the tone of the track before the violin and cello swell from the background. The strings offer a haunting and mesmerising blanket of emotion that drapes over you. Later in the single, the piano comes back for a light and alluring line.

‘Milonga Para Sonja’ by Emoción strips back the production and immerses you in a jazzy acoustic single that is pure poetry. Servine’s vocals are mesmerising as she leads you through the smoky lyrics. The instrumental accompaniment is haunting yet alluring and will have you enraptured from the first moment.

Find out more about Emoción on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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