Robert O’Connor – Transcendence (2020)

Robert O’Connor introduced us to his lively sound with ‘Over (Before It’s Begun)’ and is back with more lively beats with his album Transcendence. The seven-track album includes this single and more to get you into an optimistic mood. Through the album, he draws on varying influences but the upbeat messaging of the music stays the same.

Continuing his collaboration with EDM producer Skynem GT, he grabs your attention with straight to the heart lyrics. His distinctive tone and catchy lyrics will have you moving to his rhythm from the start of the album to the last note.

The album opens with ‘Intro’ which is full of cinematic notes. The piano line in the opening softly draws you into the track. This line continues to build along with the atmospheric tones in the lower levels. This is a great way to gently draw you into the album and fill you with soothing vibes. The dip at the end glides you into the next track.

‘Destination Anywhere’ continues the light flow of the opening before O’Connor’s vocals slide in. His smooth vocals have a late-night electronic edge to it highlighted by the plucky synths notes in the depths of the melody. The questioning of the vocals combines with an almost haunting vibe that searches for an escape from life. There are a lot of emotions within the song that have you questioning where to go from here and how to escape to anywhere.

‘Interlude’ is a short track of less than a minute that gives you a bolstering pause. The uplifting vibe of the melody has you thinking of soaring across open spaces. It is a light touch after the darker emotions of the last single, but could feel strangely placed as the third track on the album.

‘Over (Before It’s Begun)’ hits you with summery vibes that you can’t stop listening to. The uplifting feeling of the last track turns into an upbeat and lively song. O’Connor’s vocals are smooth and full of good vibes even as he questions not being enough. The underlying sadness within the vocals is an interesting counterpoint to the dance vibes of the track. If you are looking for summer vibes with a splash of sadness and melancholy, this is the song you should listen to.

Robert O'Connor

The next track is ‘Older ‘20’ which has these synths notes that hook you in the low levels of the melody. The vocals continue the smooth flow from the last tracks, but they pick up on the chorus. The light touch of the melodic flow gives the song a good dance vibe, but there is still that sadness resting within it. Throughout the song, there is a continuous interplay of happiness and sadness. This is a wonderful tempering of the buoyant feeling of the melody to give you a deeper meaning to the dance track.

‘Real Good Fight’ has a softer vibe in the opening. There is an almost stripped back feeling to the opening, but this builds up as you are led to the chorus. While there is this build-up, the song continues to have a more laidback feeling within the dance vibes. The lyrics are touching and wrap around your emotions to tug on your heartstrings. There is an uplifting feeling to the single as you are filled with motivation to continue. While there is a very different vibe to this song, it is as catchy if not more so than the rest of the album.

The album ends with ‘Outro’ which has a lot of good vibes tempered with sadness in the lower levels. The piano line gives you a floating feeling while the deep drums anchor you. It is a great way to end the album as it lets you down as gently as the intro drew you in. There are some great movements to the melody that fills you with life before you are sent on your way.

Robert O’Connor will have you hooked from the opening notes to the last tone of his album Transcendence. Each track has a wonderful interplay between lively beats and melancholy. However, by the end of the album, you will feel that you can move on with hope in your heart.

Find out more about Robert O’Connor on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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