Empire Of Lights – Across The Sky (2020)

Empire of Lights shot us into outer space with their single ‘Chasing Stardust’. Now they are back to muse over the wonder of life in space with ‘Across the Sky’. Continuing to use their psychedelic style, the band considers the wonder and pressure of a life away from Earth. If you are looking for a continuation of their space-rock story, they have truly delivered.

Since the band formed in 2018, they have been melding the ambience of Pink Floyd with the thundering of Led Zeppelin and the searing guitars of Hendrix. All of this has been placed into the capsule of science-fiction for a journey next to none. To accompany their space-rock sound, they have released music videos including one for this single.

‘Across The Sky’ uses an intense opening of guitars and chiming cymbals to draw you into the soundscape. The bursts of guitars that follow meld with the psychedelic sounds of the melody. There are these echoes that add to the space vibe of the music. The melody has a number of layers working together to represent the wonder and splendour of space. The guitars, as they come in heavy, are the pressures that weigh down those experiencing this wonder.

Aziz’s vocals continue their epic feeling throughout this single. There is an expansiveness to his performance that matches the vastness of space. The echoing effects added to his performance enhance the space vibe and the echoing vacuum of the galaxy. Through his performance, you are drawn into the lyrics that paint the picture of a surreal space journey.

The music video for the single is abstract and carries the psychedelic vibe of the music. The undulating imagery of the video matches the vocals and swirling melodic flow of the song. Full of nebulas, stars and futurist landscapes, the video is able to transport you into space and allows you to experience everything the characters of the song do.

Empire of Lights continues their intergalactic journey with a reflection on life in space with ‘Across the Sky’. Using their signature psychedelic tones, they infuse the wonder and pressure of space life into each note. The abstract music video continues the vibes of the single.

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