Wotts – Time Check (2020)

The concept of time has been thrown out the window for a lot of people this year. If you need to push to retrieve the concept, ‘Time Check’ by Wotts is the song you need. Through the single, the band considers how time seems to be paused even as it moves forward. Through the cinematic pop soundscape, they encourage us to focus on today, the things that help us get through life and the time we have lost.

Jayem (vocals, multi-instrumentalist) and Ricky 100 (guitar) fuse psych-rock with hip-hop and indie-pop to give you the temporal boost you need. The lush soundscape they create is the result of experimentation and musical evolution. While they often blur genres, their sound is one that you can easily connect with.

‘Time Check’ draws you in with lush synths that have a slight futuristic vibe to them. These notes give way to a deeper melody that pounds through your chest. The melody has an amazing hook that you don’t notice at first but it continues to draw you further and further into the single. There is a great transition for the chorus into the true cinematic melodic experience of exploding sounds and this synth crescendo. You are then dropped back into the deeper melody and the beat that radiates from your chest out to your fingers.

Jayem’s vocals have a depth that matches the melody as they hit you. The hip-hop flavour of his performance melds with the experience of the melody. He draws you into the lyrics that are extremely descriptive and perfectly paint the picture of days melding into each other. For the chorus, the vocals get a hazy echo to them which helps with the swell of the melody.

Wotts uses a vast and cinematic soundscape to consider the concept of lost time and focus your energy in ‘Time Check’. The track is an amazing blending of genres from hip-hop vocals to futuristic synth-pop. Through the combination of elements, this duo is able to focus your energy while considering how life goes on.

Find out more about Wotts on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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