Erick Beau – I Found Love In You (2021)

Introduced to music at a young age by his mother, Erick Beau found himself learning the violin as a child, but it was later that he opted to pick up a guitar and write original material. Beau found himself performing in various bands by the age of 12 and signing a licensing deal at age 18. Taking all this into account, it makes sense that this Canadian singer-songwriter should pursue a music career; however, he put his musical aspirations on the shelf to pursue a career in law. Now, several years later, Beau is picking up those songs to launch a solo project. The latest addition to his repertoire is the single ‘I Found Love In You’ – a song for his fiance M-J.

Taken off his upcoming debut album What It Takes, ‘I Found Love In You’ is filled with romance, vulnerability and the heartfelt gooeyness associated with love songs. Working with drummer Huber Payne, producer Eric Torres and various popular Nashville session musicians, ‘I Found Love In You’ is a sophisticated, smooth and flowing melody. While the track is not necessarily an acoustic single in the “basic voice and guitar” sense, it has a stripped-back quality enhancing the fragility of his besotted soul.

A guitar-driven track, ‘I Found Love In You’ begins with simple vocals creating a soundscape for those lost in love. Falling into the swirl of charming sound, the instrumentation melds with Beau’s warm vocals pulling one into a comforting hug; however, they do not allow you to become too comfortable before a crescendo that fills your lungs with an overwhelming sentimentality. Soul-stirring and toe-tingling, ‘I Found Love In You’ is an infectious tribute to love, life, lust and all that love has to offer.

For more from Erick Beau check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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