HCK9 – Pretty Thing (2021)

HCK9 is bringing a touch of horror to love with his single ‘Pretty Thing’. The single considers the fear we have when looking after those we love and the despair we feel when everything ends with a terrible bang. Told from the perspective of the antagonist, the single is awash with mental health references as it sweeps into a Jekyll and Hyde style tale.

The single uses HCK9’s characteristic heavy bass and direct lyrics that we first heard with the single ‘Breathe’. The explosive sound of the band’s debut stuck with us for a long time after the single ended and has led us to this new single. While taking on a different aspect of love and relationships, the song captures powerful emotions, horror and duality in the best possible way.

James Brown’s vocals open ‘Pretty Thing’ and draw you into the story of the track. There is a scratchy feeling to the opening of the song that brings a hit of nostalgia before you soar on the waves of his voice. The lyrics have an enthralling storytelling vibe to them as they drop you into the tale of the track and the emotions. The contrasts of the performance bring the Jekyll and Hyde feeling to the song while delving into the mentality of the antagonist of the story. There is a lot you can connect with in the single that shines through the voices.

The melody builds throughout the single to match the duality of the lyrics and vocals. In the opening, the music is understated allowing the vocals to dig their talons into your brain. The bass vibrates through the low levels while higher tones creep along the soundscape. Through the melodic arrangement, the band is able to bring an almost cinematic vibe to the story. You can almost see the movie of the lyrics play out against your eyelids.

HCK9 take the side of the antagonist in the cinematic movements of their single ‘Pretty Thing’. The track has a duality in the vocal performance that brings two edges to the track which is wonderful to listen to. The music is more subtle than their explosive debut which works wonderfully with the story and emotions it has to offer.

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