ettie – Until I Met U (2022)

One thing I love about singer-songwriter ettie is her ability to ooze millennial angst in an amusing, toe-tapping way. Described as one of the most promising new artists on the queer-pop scene, she takes us through the twists and turns of simply existing as a millennial in the 21st century. She grabbed my attention in 2020 with her debut single ‘Hello, I’ve Got Anxiety’ and kept me interested throughout the past two years. Now, ettie takes on the power of love in her new single ‘Until I Met U’.

Reputed for her engaging and moving songs, ‘Until I Met U’ is an energetic pop-punk three minutes of music. Reminiscent of iconic pop-punk band Paramore, the UK-based songstress whips you about with pounding drums, high-paced guitars and her obscure vocals. While the powerful guitar adds forcefulness to the melody, the pulsating drums hold their own as they quickly increase your heart rate. Moving from catchy verses to even more infectious choruses, each instrument has prominence but comes together in a harmonic whole. The easiest way to describe the melodic arrangement is a slap in the face followed by a soft kiss on the cheek.

While my love for pop-punk is ignited in all of ettie’s material, she exceeds expectations with this hard-hitting track. Following her well-received song, ‘I’m Sorry To All My Exes’ from her EP Manic Pixie, Dream Girl, ‘Until I Met U’ continues the narrative of playing games with her ex-boyfriends but inserts the emotional exhilaration of finding new love. Despite the naturalness of “playing for the other team”, being queer is still considered controversial and prompts angst in many in the LGBTQ+ community. Unfortunately, this is the truth, and it is wonderful to hear a song that explores the anxiety of sexual self-discovery alongside the joy of finding someone to love.

 Using an intimate narrative, ettie once again connects with people on a deeper level. She explores the fragility of the human soul and navigates its complexities in an effortless way. Filled with sincerity, sensitivity and sentimentality, ‘Until I Met U’ is a brutally honest track digging deeper into our psyches. Yet, there is an empowerment in the insightful exploration and with its rawness, it is like ripping a mask off and feeling the fresh air on your face.

For more from ettie check out her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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