Wham Bam! – Kiss Me (2022)

Using a flair of old-school grunge, mixed with rock, Wham Bam! considered how we all wear masks and hide our true selves in ‘Outlaw Love’. They are now filling our ears with an extremely catchy and honest love song with ‘Kiss Me’. Packed with the band’s no-frill sing-along style, the single offers a sweet look at holding onto the magic moments that you share with a loved one.

Along with the single, the band has released a self-made animated lyric video that is as fun to watch as the single is to listen to. The pop-rock approach to music the band takes shines in this single, as the melody sinks into your skin, while the vocals fill you with the happiness of magic moments. If you are in the mood for a catchy song that sticks with you long after it has ended, this is the one for you.

The roll of the drums that open ‘Kiss Me’ sets the pop-rock vibe of the single. The guitars rise against the drums, pushing you into the moment of the lyrics. There is an uplifting feeling to the melody that fills your chest with bright and happy vibes. You can feel a smile creeping its way onto your face as you gently bop to the movement of the music. As the single progresses, the melody rises to an almost anthemic flow that has you soaring on waves of good vibes. You can’t help but feel happier after listening to the melody as your emotions are set aflame and sent soaring into the glowing stratosphere.

While you are riding the high of the melody, the lyrics drop you into magic moments spent with someone you love. There is a slightly reflective edge to the opening lyrics, but this is dropped for the wash of affection and happiness. As the vocals enter the single, there is a retro 90s vibe to them. The layered feeling to the delivery makes you want to sing along with them, particularly if you are watching the lyrics video. Through the vocal performance, the band cements the bright feelings of affection that started in the melody. As the music rises to the anthemic edge, the vocals match, filling the balloon in your chest with helium and sending you into the atmosphere. There is an extremely catchy flow to the single that will stick in your brain for a long time.

Wham Bam! have you singing along to ‘Kiss Me’ while riding the euphoric waves of affection and happiness that comes from magic moments with loved ones. Both the melody and vocals are packed with good vibes that fill your chest with bright energy. The vocals have an extremely catchy flow that gets you singing along and will get stuck in your head for a long time.

Find out more about Wham Bam! on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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