Eva Snyder – Transparent (2020)

‘Transparent’ is a glimpse into who Eva Snyder is and the person that rests behind the music. An unapologetic diary entry, the track provide a clear insight into who she is and all the insecurities that make up the whole. While a reflection on herself, it also acts as a type of warning for a future partner to let them know what they are getting into. The vulnerability and humanisation of the song make it easy to connect with and relate to.

The track is potentially her most raw single to date and is full of shameless pop flavours. It is also the first of a string of new singles that reimagine what honesty looks like. Over the next year, Snyder will be releasing 5 more singles looking at relationships, home and herself.

‘Transparent’ uses a combination of guitar and catchy beats to draw you into the track. There is a smooth hook at the start of the song that makes you move to the beat before you realise what you are doing. The deep guitar lines have this amazing flow to them while the beat keeps driving you forward. The melodic pace picks up a little on the chorus to send you soaring with the vocals.

Over the ridiculously catchy melody is Snyder’s light vocals. Her performance has this pop edge to it, but there is also something unbelievably vulnerable to the delivery. While the lyrics are an honest look at faults and insecurity, there is also an acceptance of it all. Through the introspection, you are filled with the sense that you can be who you are and other people should be open to accepting that.

Eva Snyder takes you on an introspective journey looking at faults and insecurities in ‘Transparent’. Through the single, you catch a glimpse of the person behind the music. However, you are also provided with a positive boost to be yourself and not change for other people.

Find out more about Eva Snyder on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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