Gracie Moses – Mood (2020)

If you are looking for a new fusion track that takes a little bit from a range of genres, ‘Mood’ by Gracie Moses might just be it. Using lyrical stylings drawn from indie-folk to RnB she melds them to an evocative electronic-pop sound. Her third self-produced single, ‘Mood’ will have you lost in Moses’ genre-fusing soundscape before you realise what has happened.

Her sound has been honed over the years since she started writing music at age 11. Her passion for the art has led her to study at Berklee College of Music and prompted other musicians to seek her out for advice on songwriting and production.

The shuffling beats that give way to undulating synths draw you into ‘Mood’. The slight drive of the opening lets you down into a smoother melody before the driving beat comes back. There is something hypnotic about the melody of the track that you can easily get lost in. The different elements of the soundscape combine to form this sonic bubble that you get sucked into and float in for the entire song. The fading ending lets you out gently and leaves you with some good vibes.

Moses’ vocals are a unique layer resting over the melody. Her voice has this edge to it that is both at odds and melds with the melody. Her performance is a smooth breeze against the surface of the musical bubble you rest in. She is able to pull you further into the soundscape and help you float along. Throughout the song, you can hear light touches of different genres blending into the captivating sound.

Gracie Moses pulls you into a sonic bubble with her captivating and genre-melding track ‘Mood’. Moses’ vocals have a unique charm to them as she pulls you into the rich soundscape packed with elements of RnB, pop and indie-folk.

Find out more about Gracie Moses on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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