Ever Elysian – Elysian Fields (2022)

With their debut EP Elysian Fields, Ever Elysian takes us on a journey from genre to genre. The music of the EP as a whole is a story with each track acting as a new chapter, bringing a unique atmosphere that weaves into the whole. Packed with raw emotion, passion and relatable tales, the EP moves from folk-rock to contemporary RnB and sweet soulful blues.

This journey through both emotions and genres comes from the collective musicality of Toby Mason and Anya Marsland. These two multi-instrumentalists pair Marsland’s powerful vocals with the boldness of Mason’s guitar lines. Together, they craft music that is introspective, poetic, melancholic and sultry, while resting on a mellow vibe.

The EP opens with ‘Blues and Greens’ which has you sitting in a meadow as a gentle breeze wafts through the long grasses. The folk-rock vibe of the melody calls to something deep in your soul that is looking for something more than the rush of city life. Marsland’s vocals have a wonderful twist to them as they relax your senses and warm your skin like the sun shining on you. Through the lyrics, you are inundated with all the good things in life that make you happy. There is a rise in the melody that is matched by her vocals for a powerful flow that sends you flying on good vibes. Later in the track, the melody takes a slight turn with a stop-start movement before the easy breeze of the folk-rock tones returns.

‘Intertwined’ uses the guitars to grab your attention with a light slap of the drums. There is a waltzing vibe to this track that makes you want to slowly spin around with someone you care about. Marsland’s vocals have a smoky feeling to them that adds a sultry and seductive edge to her performance. The melody has a bluesy touch to it that enhances the smooth waltz feeling of the track. As you slowly dance to the rhythm, the lyrics take you on a poetic journey through emotions that are wonderfully relatable. The tenderness of this track is rich and silken compared to the rather breezy feeling of the opening track. You can feel the essence of Ever Elysian woven into the music, but there is something unique about this track.

From the first sweep of ‘Soft Sounds’, you are treated to a soul rock vibe that retains some of the soft richness of the last track. The waltz of the previous track has a more defined step in this song, but the richness remains. As the song progresses, the drums shiver and shuffle into a faster pace which bolsters the vocals and the emotions Marsland brings. Her voice is undeniably soulful on this track as she brings the plea of the lyrics to life. There is a reaching out in the lyrics for a connection you feel might be slipping through your fingers. This is contrasted by the soothing wash of emotions that comes when you think about the person you care about. The bridge later in the track is wonderful and perfectly leads you into the last moments of the track.

‘Sour Fruit’ has a touch of more traditional folk tones woven into a hazy darkness. There is a velveteen feeling to the vocals as they twirl around you like tendrils of smoke, leading you further into the darkness. The blues hit of this track is much heavier than the ones before, but there is a dark rock vibe that threatens to burst through. It is a beautiful combination of sounds and styles that you can’t help but get lost in. The vocals ensnare your senses, while the melody wraps around you like a satin ribbon you can’t get rid of. Through the lyrics, we are invited into a contemplation of the good and bad of life which is brought to life through the sweetness and bitterness of fruit.

The title track ‘Elysian Fields’ closes the EP with a relaxed finger-picked guitar opening. The movement of the opening guitar line has you thinking of a cloudy ocean that brings a delightful chill to you as you walk the beach. The vocals take you in a different direction as they walk through the long grasses of fields and meadows, disturbed only by a gentle breeze. The feeling of this track brings you back to the opening track, but there is a much richer tone to this track. This really comes through in the strings that almost mournfully call through the guitar line. It is a delicate melody that is made more tender by the light touch of the vocals.

Ever Elysian have you relaxing in the tall grasses of a field, while drifting to the delicate touch of their EP Elysian Fields. Each track has a different feeling and touches on a different melodic style, but they all retain the emotive depth of the band. This is easily an EP that you can listen to again and again, only to find something new to fall in love with.

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