Joey Grace – Biorobot (2022)

With her EP Beautiful Storm, Joey Grace took all of life’s difficult moments and turned them into an inspiration storm of electronic tones. She is now turning to the haunting true story of people being referred to as biorobots when they were sent to clear radioactive debris in Chernobyl. Her aptly titled single ‘Biorobot’ is packed with sonic surprises as it moves from cinematic electronic tones to dark pop and glitch.

With a self-proclaimed sound of ‘sexygloom’, she brings the haunting inspiration of this track to an experimental soundscape. Through the single, Grace explores the rhythms of radioactivity, mechanical machines, natural pulses and militant human movements. While drawing on this true story, the single is also part of an NFT carrying the same title which can be found on

The electronic tones of ‘Biorobot’ sparkle to life with a cascading movement. There is an ethereal feeling to these light opening tones that are a wonderful contrast to the darker almost industrial sounds resting below. These darker tones rise up following the ticking of a clock and throw you into a serious experimental industrial tone. There is an amazing avant-garde flow to the melody that constantly keeps you on your toes as it throws new tones and electronic surprises at you. The darkness of the industrial tones meets a digital age vibe that shakes you up before you march to the deep beats. There is a constant movement to the melody that propels you forward.

As you are propelled by the melody, there is a light dusting of vocals that acts as an organic instrument over the electronic wash of the music. The otherworldly touch of the initial vocals calls out to you like the sun breaking storm clouds over an apocalyptic wasteland. The interlay and contrasts of the single are stunning and taken to new levels with the wash of the vocals. As you march to the almost militant stomp of the beats later in the track, the vocals reach out a soothing hand that seems to be just out of reach. In the latter parts of the single, the ethereal vocals send shivers racing down your arms. The electronic-tinged secondary vocal line is a wonderful addition that brings a humanity to the robotics of the melody.

Joey Grace keeps you on your toes with the surprising experimental turns of ‘Biorobot’ which blends ethereal organic tones with avant-garde electronic music. The single is a rollercoaster journey that uses electronic instrumentation and haunting vocals to form a desolate landscape and breaking rays of sunlight. While experimental and avant-garde, it is a single that you can’t stop listening to.

Find out more about Joey Grace on her website, Instagram and Spotify.

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