Exile Parade – Beat Of Your Blood

Exile Parade – a British rock band, born in 2006 and discovered after playing on a BBC music show.  Their success is widespread as they have a huge following in China after they played a gig to 30,000 at the Zebra Music Festival in Chengdu, China.  The concert was also put on TV screens, making them known to 150 million people, even before they’d finished their first record with Suburban Records.  The band consists of members Lomax on vocals, Chris Owen on lead guitar, Phil Hennessey on rhythm guitar/vocals, Dave Hennessey on bass and Mutchy on drums.

Their latest single , ‘Beat Of Your Blood’, starts like an episode of Star Wars – a really sci-fi type tune, which is something I’ve never really heard at the beginning of a single before.  The song doesn’t really get much better.  The lyrics are barely audible as they’re muffled by the strange sci-fi sound, and that’s how the rest of the song goes – apart from the chorus.

The lyrics of the chorus aren’t what you’d expect from an alternative rock song.   Even upon hearing the chorus after a couple of plays, I still can’t understand what the lyrics mean.   If they’re all about the rock n’ roll (as they said they were on their Facebook page), then they need to show it with their other singles and upcoming album.

Overall, the single isn’t the best and they need to work on ensuring that they fit into the rock genre, because from this song it’s a definite swing and miss.

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