Kindred Connection – What a Way (2021)

There are a lot of difficulties we face in life that threaten to pull us deep into a cloud of despair. The members of Kindred Connection have turned their own difficulties into the uplifting ‘What a Way’. While touching on the end of a relationship and the struggle of not feeling at home, they rise above the negativity to offer the glimmer of hope for the future that many of us need.

Using their own experiences, the duo is able to create a single that touches on experiences and emotions that are universal. Gabriele (vocals) and Mattia (guitar, piano) met at university and felt an instant musical connection when they played together. Bringing different musical tastes and styles together, they capture emotions and pull you into their soundscapes.

There is a soft and musing feeling to the opening line of ‘What a Way’. The light piano line softly leads you into the swell of the low levels and the tapping beats. It is like the melody lights you up on a bubble of soft mist that rises through the soundscape. The blossoming of the melody is tender and relaxing as it brings a pastel wash of hope to your ears. The constant upliftment of the instrumentation is delightful as it lifts your spirits and has all the stress of life running off your shoulders.

The vocals are as tender and soft as the melody when they enter. The lyrics touch on two distinct difficulties that merge and swirl with the struggles we all face each day. There is a sad questioning at first but this turns into a resilience and a glimmer of hope. The duo has an unbelievable ability to take the darkest parts of life and turn it into a journey into the light. While the lyrics touch on sadness and despair, through the vocals, you are led to believe that everything is going to be better. If you need a single that gently cradles you close and lifts you up, this is the one you should listen to.

Kindred Connection take the complicated and depressing problems of life and turn them into a glimmer of hope and upliftment in ‘What a Way’. The gentle melody helps you slide stress and pain from your soul while the vocals lead you from sadness to hope. There is a wonderful connection created through the single that leaves you feeling relaxed and better about life.

Find out more about Kindred Connection on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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