exitstands – Here in My Bed (2022)

Self-care can take many forms, but one aspect that is often neglected is the need to just lie in bed and relax. This is something that exitstands encourages us all to do with his single ‘Here in My Bed’. Through the single, he considers how working hard on what you are passionate about is important, but you also need to take the time to slow down and relax if that is what your body is calling for.

Tackling an aspect of self-care that many people overlook, the single has an important message about listening to what you need on a daily basis. With his music, Dave Asher reaches out to listeners on an emotional level. Using a chill and slightly experimental tone, he blends musical tones, personal experiences and emotions into songs that really hit home.

‘Here in My Bed’ uses an opening that is both intimate and expansive to draw you in. It is a heady movement that overtakes your senses yet perfectly captures the feeling of wanting to stay in bed. There is a lazy warmth to the sound that has you snuggling back into it while light streams through the window, further warming you. The piano line drapes itself over your shoulders before the light twinkle of tones tickles the edges of your brain. You can’t help but start to feel relaxed vibes move through your limbs, making them heavy, and filling your mind with the urge to close your eyes and drift.

The vocals have a slightly warped feeling to them as they drift in and out of the soundscape. They are reminiscent of the thoughts that flitter across your brain as you rest in bed and give in to the urge to stay in bed for a while. While they have this drifting feeling, the vocals carry the understanding that staying in bed is the best option at the time. There is a happy vibe woven into the vocals that lets you know taking the time to stay in bed is okay.

Through the warm and soft tones of ‘Here in My Bed’, exitstands urges us to take a moment for self-care while filling our senses with relaxed vibes. The music has an intimate feeling of warmth, even with the higher tones reaching out with an expansive movement. The vocals draw you further into the warm confines of your bed and make you never want to leave.

Find out more about exitstands on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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