Strange World Music – Chasing You (2022)

The lead-up to a relationship can take many forms, even though they all start with an initial attraction. Strange World Music draws on the inspiration of how some people act before a relationship for the story of ‘Chasing You’. As the title suggests, the single tells the story of a man who is interested in a woman and chases after her. The woman seems to like the chase but has no intention of being caught and often leads the man on to start the chase all over again.

Combining an eclectic mix of styles and sounds, Strange World Music effortlessly draws you into the story of the track. While the single was written by Lindsay Jupp, the music is a collaboration of artists and musicians. This collective creation allows the best elements of different musical genres and styles to shine.

‘Chasing You’ warps you into the bopping beat of the music. There is a solid feeling to the music as it beckons you into the story of the lyrics. As you move along the solid path laid down by the beats, the bopping higher tones make you want to move around. There is something about the music that grips your muscles and gets you moving to the rhythm before you know what has happened. As you listen, the melody gets a late-night party vibe like you are on a night out with friends. Later in the track, the music drops slightly for the vocals to shine, before you are caught up again in the moving dancing vibes of the melody. There is no way you can listen to this melody and not feel the urge to move to the rhythm.

While you are bopping away to the music, the vocals draw you into the chase of the story. There is a slightly hazy feel to the performance like it is being whipped around by the wind. This sensation perfectly matches the lyrics as they liken the chase of the relationship to chasing a storm. Through the vocals, you can feel the urge to chase after the person, but this is lightly tempered by the knowledge that you are not getting anywhere. The hot and cold feeling you get from the person you are chasing comes through in the performance, making it so easy to connect with the feeling of the track.

Strange World Music has you bopping and moving to their rhythm while diving into the highs and lows of chasing after someone in ‘Chasing You’. The music grabs you from the first warping tone and has you filled with the urge to move. The vocals bring the story to life as they liken the chase to a storm that blows through your senses.

Find out more about Strange World Music on their website, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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