Fabiola Cristina – Lonely (2021)

For many people, a breakup brings a sense of having no one but themselves to lean on. Fabiola Cristina brings the turmoil of heartbreak and the feeling of being alone to life in the single ‘Lonely’. While she works through the heartbreak of these moments, she encourages us to become creative with the pain we feel.

There is a very personal touch to the song that shines through the single. Making something beautiful with the pain the world throws at us is the message wrapped around the pop and RnB tones of the track. Having grown up listening to all types of music, Cristina blends melodic elements to create her own captivating sound.

‘Lonely’ has a rich shimmer to the opening that is broken by a deep beat. There are these electronic tones that hit you from the side as they bubble against the smooth flow of the music. As the song progresses, there is a swirling build-up that forms a whirlwind in your chest before bursting into a seductive smoothness. There is a really interesting movement to the melody that plays smoothness against a pulsing and popping line. These interplays are really great as they bring the turmoil of emotions to sonic glory. The electronic tones get your heart racing before dropping you into the ocean of smoothness that makes up the majority of the single.

As the melody brings the emotions of the track to sonic life, the lyrics tell the story of the emotions. Through Cristina’s vocals, you are pulled into the sadness of the breakup and the feeling that you can’t move on. The chorus is packed with the loneliness that follows heartbreak. There is an electronic edge to the vocals at times which complements the melody before you slide into the richness of her voice. It is a very different arrangement that showcases a wonderful creativity and musicality which highlights the messaging of the single.

Fabiola Cristina picks up the turmoil and loneliness that follows heartbreak in the aptly titled ‘Lonely’. The melodic arrangement brings an interplay of electronic and organic tones that highlights emotional turmoil. The vocals pack the emotional story into the single while matching the dynamic movement of the melody.

Find out more about Fabiola Cristina on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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