Gabrielle Sey – Patterns (2021)

After the vibrant musical explosion of ‘White Noise’, Gabrielle Sey is back with ‘Patterns’. Continuing her blend of soul, RnB and Afrobeat, she shines through the soundscape and moves you to her grooves. With the power of her music capturing the ears and hearts of listeners, she shows no sign of slowing down any time soon.

Drawing on personal experiences and emotions, Sey creates music that is easy to connect with and has you swaying to her rhythm. With this single, she continues teasing her upcoming EP and letting everyone know just what she has to offer. A soulful balancing act, her music slinks its way into your senses, hooks itself into your brain and stays with you for long after you stop listening.

‘Patterns’ grabs your attention with a stop-start opening that is a delightful mixture of styles. There is an Afrobeat base that gets a delightful wash of RnB. The combined smoothness of the music has this infectious beat and bounce that makes you want to bop to it. Seriously, your head is going to be moving to the beat whether you want it to or not. There is a wonderfully organic and earthy feeling to the music like it is rising from the ground and vibrating through your soul.

Sey’s vocals is a light shining against the beats of the melody. There is a conversational feeling to the vocals as she draws you into the story and contemplation of the track. The backing vocals add a burst of light and sound against her soulful vocal movement. There is a lot of layers to the single that enhances the depths of the song and the story. The movement of the vocals makes you want to move around to their groove without any care. Later in the track, the movement picks up the pace for a delightful change in direction. This is a wonderful single that is so different to everything else you might be listening to.

Gabrielle Sey captivates you from the first tone to the last waving note of ‘Patterns’. The melody grips you tight and makes you want to move while getting lost in the blended styles and enthralling arrangement. Sey’s vocals are soulful and earthy as she draws you into the story of the single which is so relatable and as captivating as the melody.

Find out more about Gabrielle Sey on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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