Faith Low – Junkie Luv (2021)

Faith Low is bringing emotional intensity to your ears with her single ‘Junkie Low’. Mixing love with addiction, the single looks at being in love with someone or at least thinking that you are. This spirals into the realisation that the person will always choose drugs over love and the disaster this leads you to. Packing a heavy emotional hit, the single questions what happens when love is just not enough.

Written during an intense emotional period, there is a personal touch to the track that enhances the universality of the story. Drawing on feelings of hopelessness, failure and addiction, it is a single that brings Low’s experience in bands to the fore while showcasing her emotional depths. While she grew up listening to a range of music from classical to heavy metal, she creates an alternative pop soundscape to bring the emotions to life.

‘Junkie Luv’ grabs your attention with the plucked tones of the opening. This leads you into the toe-tapping beats that hook into your brain and pull you into the story of the single. There is a delightful layering to the music that brings the emotions of the story to life. The deep tones are like the call of addition while the higher plucky notes are the rise and fall of emotions. There is an intense feeling to the music that presses on you and enhances the vocals.

The lyrics are descriptive and bring the story of the single to you in a crystal clear picture. Low’s vocals are emotive as she spirals into despair over the trajectory of the relationship. On the chorus, she brings the understanding that addiction is winning over love to a sad reality. The electronic edge to the vocals that come in later bring a new perspective to the story. As the song progresses, Low’s performance is washed in the understanding that this endless spiral needs to end.

Faith Low brings a sad realisation and understanding to your ears through ‘Junkie Luv’. The layered melody highlights the emotional movement of the vocals as you spiral into the darkness of love losing to addiction. There is a bone-deep sadness woven into Low’s vocals that sinks into your chest and squeezes your heart.

Find out more about Faith Low on her Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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