Laura Pieri – All I Need (2020)

There are many different forms and types of love, but romantic love is the one most songs are about. This is not the case with ‘All I Need’ by Laura Pieri. This single can be about all types of love and not just the one that drives you crazy with passion for someone. The emotional depth of the single shines through in Pieri’s authentic and honest performance.

Growing up, Pieri always knew she wanted to be an artist and started singing at events from a young age. Currently studying at Gallatin College at New York University, she is honing her skills and looks set to take the industry by storm. This song is just a taste of what she is capable of and will leave you wanting more.

‘All I Need’ opens with a deep piano line that shimmers into the driving pop beat of the melody. There are snapping notes that provide a higher layer to the melody before you are hit with these great horns. The use of horns in pop is rare and that is a real shame because they just add this little extra push to the melody. There is a smoothness to the melody that slides against you in the best possible way. This combines with the zinging electronic notes to create a perfect foundation for Pieri’s vocals.

Her performance is nuanced and smooth as she draws you into the track. You can hear the amazing control she has over her voice as she wields it to perfection. As she draws you in, you are hit with the passion of her performance. There is also an honesty that soaks into each word and helps you connect with the song. Her vocals do pick up the pace at one point before sliding into a more melodic tone.

Laura Pieri uses her unique tone and nuanced vocals to keep you hooked to the catchy ‘All I Need’. The melody uses layered instrumentation to flow around you while Pieri’s vocals provide the emotional hit of the track.

Find out more about Laura Pieri on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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