Far From Who We Are – Rise (2020)

Hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa, Far From Who We Are is a hard-hitting rock band with a unique, genre-defying sound. Conceived in 2015, but releasing their self-titled debut single in 2017, Far From Who We Are continued honing their craft resulting in a distinctive metal meets alternative rock style. With their reputation for energetic and exhilarating live shows, Johan Heyns (vocals, guitar and synths), Maarten Heyns (bass) and Kyle Williams (drums) have shared the stage with established SA rockers The Narrow, Red Helen and facing The Gallows – to name but a few. The next well-rounded single added to their critically acclaimed discography is ‘Rise’.

Using a combination of powerful guitars, pounding drums and robust vocals, Far From Where We Are build a swirl of melodic metal in ‘Rise’. While the lyrical content initially seems to touch on issues of inner conflict and turmoil, the track is not focused on any pain or melancholic despair. Instead of lingering in a place of darkness, the South African rockers add hopefulness, empowerment and optimism to the heavy melody. It is as if there was a bring light shining amidst the darkness supported by a bold, dynamic melody.

Finding the delicate balance between hard rock and alternative rock, Far From Who We Are place a distinctive stamp on the genre melding metal, rock and emo. It is intriguing that while ‘Rise’ offers a heavy, hard-hitting sound in the style of Five Finger Death Punch and Stone Sour, but the gentle inclusion of Heyns graceful vocals makes ‘Rise’ both soothing and forceful. A melodic delving into the rawness of the human spirit, but with a comfortable cuddle to make things bright and shiny.

Side note: Far From Where We Are released an official music video for ‘Rise’ which can be viewed HERE.

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