Femi Jaye – Coco (2020)

Femi Jaye inundated us with laidback yet infectious beats with ‘Tree Man’. He is now turning his attention to strong black women with his single ‘Coco’. Using his contagious Afropop beats, he is showing his appreciation for the strong black women out there.

Inspiration for this single came while at work as a graphic designer. While editing a video on black excellence at his multi-cultural job for black history month, the insightful words of the women in the business sunk the first seeds of the song in his brain. Through the beats of the song, he fills every listener with the same appreciation he felt.

‘Coco’ hits you with these infectious beats from the first second. The beats continue to lead you into the track while new ones filter up from the spaces between. The melody is relatively simple, but the beats that make it are so wonderful that they keep you hooked. There are moments of shuffling urban tones that mesh with the beats, but this is so light that you are not distracted from those beats.

While the beats tap against the back of your skull, Jaye’s vocals really make the track. He pulls you in gently with an easy flow before hitting you with an RnB edged melodic tone. The backing vocals that echo in and out beneath his voice add a depth to the music. The vocal performance is a lot of fun as he lays out his appreciation for strong women. There is an easy vibe to the track that fills you with good vibes and just makes you happy as you listen.

Femi Jaye offers some smooth Afropop appreciation for strong black women through the infectious beats of ‘Coco’. The melody is packed with beats that do not stop while Jaye’s vocals make the track. As he draws you into his Afropop soundscape, the lyrics lay down his appreciation while filling you with good vibes.

Find out more about Femi Jaye on his Instagram and Spotify.

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