Fendahlene – High And Low And Back Again (2020)

Fendahlene is an indie-rock band formed by Paul Whiteley (lead vocals, guitar) and Ashley Hurst (backing vocals, bass) in 1994. They started playing together at high school in Sydney and became regulars on the music scene. The band is continuing their musical legacy with ‘High And Low And Back Again’, the title track from their upcoming album.

The song is a wistful reflection that is contemplative and intensely personal. It looks at coming full circle as we endlessly search for highs and lows. While a song full of yearning, it also offers resolution and the inklings of an answer to the question of whether this is how things are supposed to be.

‘High And Low And Back Again’ captivates you with a gentle piano opening that swings into an alternative rock guitar and deep drum beat. This change in melody is interesting and only starts the build-up in the song. The melodic arrangement of this track is something that you don’t see that often but is so wonderful to listen to. The beat draws you along and makes you smile as you move to the rhythm.

Whiteley’s vocals are velvety soft and so smooth that you never want to stop listening to them. The harmonisation with Hurst later in the song offers a great layered sound that makes you want to add your voice to the mix. The overall performance on the track leads to a wonderful crescendo that leaves you feeling set to face the world.

Fendahlene tackles the endless highs and lows of life with an epic buildup and unmissable crescendo in ‘High And Low And Back Again’. The song is so easy to listen to it that you will want to hear it again and again. The lyrics look for resolution, but also offer it in a smooth and enjoyable manner.

Find out more about Fendahlene on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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