Jake Goodrum – Few & Far Between (2020)

Hailing from the Isle of Wight, Jake Goodrum spent his teenage years writing songs and honing his musical craft. He fronted the indie band Avocado Sunrise before they decided to go their separate ways. Now, he is happy to showcase his solo work with his debut EP Few & Far Between.

The songs on the EP are all inspired by events that have happened to Goodrum in the last year. This includes changes in relationships, struggles with mental health and unexpected circumstances. While some of these events are less than happy, each song tries to show the positive side and the light at the end of the tunnel. Through the EP, he shows how these experiences make us into the people we are today.

The opening track ‘Smile’ is all about that feeling of helplessness you get when someone you know is struggling and you don’t know how to fix the situation. This feeling is first expressed in the melody which has a sombre note to it. Goodrum’s vocals add to this creating a deep and desperate layer. The performance is heartbreaking as it works through the small things you try to make someone happier when you really don’t know what you are doing.

‘Coffee’ has a faster and more upbeat melody that picks you up after the sadness of the opening track. The happier melody and somewhat lighter vocals create an ode to taking time for yourself. As the song talks about doing what you need to in order to be happy, the melody and vocals drive the sentiment home. This is a very uplifting track that uses great rock beats to pump you up and get you moving.

‘Dive’ is a more melodically driven track that really highlights Goodrum’s instrumentation. While there is a focus on the melody, the lyrics are also strong as they invite someone to come and chase their dreams with you. There is a depths to this track that is wonderful to listen to and really sinks into you. The vocals are a lilting thread weaving through the wonderful guitar work.

‘Nineteen’ has a lively beat that is a little at odds with the deeper meaning of the track. Through the lyrics, you realise the catchy beat of the song is hiding the need to deal with the loss of a loved one. The sombre nature of the song is also clear in the vocal performance which is unbelievably emotive. You can hear the grief and questioning in every word.

‘Smile – Acoustic’ ends the EP in the same way it started, but with an intimate tone. The acoustic version of this song seems to cut you to the core in a way that the studio version does not. You can also hear every waver in Goodrum’s vocals that drive the emotion of the song harder and leave you an emotional wreck.

Jake Goodrum takes you on an emotional ride full of despair, grief and the need to care for yourself with Few & Far Between. Each song in the EP tackles a different experience or problem with some leaving you emotionally exhausted. However, there is a strange sort of catharsis to be had when listening to the EP that makes the ups and downs worthwhile.

Find out more about Jake Goodrum on his Instagram and Spotify.

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