Feralman – The Ballad of Life & Death (2021)

Feralman tells an alternative love story using the coming together of certainties in life through ‘The Ballad of Life & Death’. With a folky pop sound, he tells the story of Life and Death coming together in marriage with Death as a hooded man and Life as a jolly woman. A feel-good track, it brings a beauty to the union of these two aspects of existence while filling you with the sense of being in a cosy pub.

With a stunning use of metaphor, Feralman has you thinking about the message of the track while getting lost in the alt-folk flows. The style of the single echoes that of the lead release of his upcoming album and continues to give you a taste of what is to come. If you are looking for a love song that is different to most others out there, you are definitely in the right place.

The acoustic guitar strums through the opening of ‘The Ballad of Life & Death’ bringing a serious folk feeling to the track. The strings sweetly rise against for a companionable sound while the flutes add an earthy feeling to the track. There is a seriously traditional folk edge to the melody that settles on your skin and eases you into the story. This rises for a clapping good time that makes you want to spin around and dance with friends. The movement of the melody brings the feeling of a warm fire to your chest. The melody has a wonderful intimacy to it that only comes from truly fantastic folk music.

While the melody is filling you with warmth and the urge to spin to the sound, Feralman’s vocals merge with the support vocals provided by Rochelle Feldkamp. The merged vocals twirl together like wisps of smoke dancing over an open flame. This adds an extra edge of traditional folk feeling to the single while drawing you into the tale of the track. The dual vocals also enhance the loving emotions woven into the story of the lyrics. While the lyrics are rich in metaphors, the true message comes through with a stunning beauty and rests warmly around your heart.

Feralman packs metaphors and pure folk goodness into ‘The Ballad of Life & Death’ which settles around you like the warmth from a fire. The folky flows of the single warm you and make you want to gently spin to the sound. The merged vocals are stunning as they add an enchanting sense to the lyrics and tale of the song.

Find out more about Feralman on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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