Cat Calabrese – Quicksand (2021)

Cat Calabrese is hitting out with an upbeat pop sound while admonishing a toxic ex-boyfriend in ‘Quicksand’. As her debut single, it captures her desire to tell her own story through her own words. With some dance beats, the single balances paced melodics with precision production for an engaging soundscape.

While you might know Cat Calabrese as the former lead vocalist of Rule of Young, her solo music lets her step into her own spotlight. For her debut single, she teamed up to co-write with Brandon-Marshall Edmond who lent his skills as a DJ and producer as well. Separating herself from the sound of the band, she brings memorable hooks and a driving bass to storytelling lyrics.

‘Quicksand’ lightly draws you in with some skittering tones that turn into engaging tropical beats. There is a rather summery feeling to the melody that has you thinking of relaxing next to the pool with a cool drink. The tropical beats get a layering of dance beats that add a punch of movement to the music. There are a few layers of sound that waft over the beats to create an airier flow in the higher levels. These airy melodics temper the pace of the beats for a delightfully balanced soundscape.

Calabrese’s vocals are an engaging breeze easing over your skin. She effortlessly hooks you into the storytelling of the lyrics. There is a lot of power in her voice that creeps into your senses to fill you with the emotions of the single. This enhances the lyrics which admonish an ex and calls their attention to all the negativity they bring with them. There are moments of layered vocals that add an intricate texture to the single. Her voice also reaches a crescendo that soars out over the soundscape taking your senses with her.

Cat Calabrese admonishes a toxic ex while filling you with some summery dance beats in ‘Quicksand’. There is a tropical feeling to the music that is all good vibes and up-tempo beats. This is pulled to earth by her vocals that tell bring artistic storytelling lyrics to life.

Find out more about Cat Calabrese on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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