Track of the Day: Finn B – Loser

Since the age of 14, singer-songwriter Finn B has been writing and composing music. At such a young age, kids are doubtlessly going to go through “phases” but the only music-related phase Finn went through was working under various names. Eventually opting for Finn B, the UK-based artist is making waves since 2019 after relocating for studies.

While 2020 was a great year for Finn, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, 2021 is set to be even better. Gaining coverage from BBC Radio 1, BBC Introducing Nottingham, In Tune Music and several other online podcasts/radio stations, Finn B is building a loyal following on a national and international level. The latest addition to his growing repertoire is the single ‘Loser’

Not a great fan of anything in the EDM, electropop or hip hop genre, I was unsure what to expect from ‘Loser’, however, I am pleased to say that this single is changing my opinion regarding these genres. Combining elements of contemporary pop and old-school hip hop with twinges of alt-pop, ‘Loser’ lies somewhere between Billie Eilish and Gorillaz. Despite the jarring beats, brash vocals and overpowering house sound, Finn B seems to have found a melodic harmony with a charming flow.

Sonically, ‘Loser’ has an abrupt sound with a prominent drumbeat with well-arranged synths; however, it is the lyrical element that showcases Finn’s depth. Using a personal narrative, Finn touches on personal development, self-belief and inner turmoil. Yet, while there is a desperation in the provocative lyricism, the overall song is “about personal growth and being aware of your own shortcomings as a path to confidence” – Finn’s words, not mine. Although I can see how the track has a lingering sense of empowerment.

Unlike previous singles, ‘Loser’ does not include the sultry vocals of pop artist Saffron. This does not mean the songs are less enjoyable or evocative with Finn B taking the lead with his bold voice. A kaleidoscopic soundscape, Finn exquisitely details the complex emotions with lyrics and instrumentation. We hear Franky Bones on the keyboard bringing a lightheartedness to the track, but it is the transition from brusque rapping to soothing singing throughout the single that really captivates me.

Overall, I enjoy the track. It may not fit in my personal playlist with Maroon 5, My Chemical Romance and Chicago, but ‘Loser’ is definitely worthwhile. Filled with individuality and enthusiasm, Finn B proves he is no loser with ‘Loser’.

For more from Finn B check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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