Tenderhooks – Stella Heartbeat (2021)

Tenderhooks are inundating listeners with rushing euphoria and sun-soaked explosions through the tones of ‘Stella Heartbeat’. With a toe-tapping soundscape, the single hits all the right notes for a glorious and borderline anthemic pop odyssey. Using infectious hooks and driving beats, the band gives you the romantic tones that you need to set your heart aflame.

The addictive sounds of the single are brought to our ears by Markus Leinweber (vocals, piano), Dave Uden (drums), Mike Phillips (bass), Paul Wheeler (rhythm guitar), Ben Green (lead guitar) and Phi Saatchi (backing vocals). Continuing the unforgettable and rich tradition of the band’s music, the single fits into the back catalogue with ease. Rolling piano lines and pounding rock vibes sweep you up and set you on the course the band wants.

The rolling piano line of ‘Stella Heartbeat’ grabs your attention while getting your foot tapping to it. There is a wonderful vibe to the melody that captures your spirit from the very first moment. The piano-driven melody is all rock and roll with a touch of power pop shining through in the guitars. There is a great blending of tones that really comes through later in the single. As you listen to the melody, you are hit with a retro vibe that makes you think about rock from the 1950s with a slamming piano line and engaging guitars.

As the melody has you tapping and shaking to its rhythm, Leinweber’s vocals are all romantic euphoria. Through his performance, you are drawn into the bliss of falling in love and an explosion of good vibes. Later in the track, there is a soothing moment where the vocals get a more melodic flow compared to the pumping rock vibes that characterise the majority of the track. The backing vocals from Saatchi add a touch of that old rock and roll vibe to the music which is just wonderful to hear.

The accompanying lyric video hits you with some more retro vibes through the black and white visuals. There is an interesting interplay between scenic visuals and a couple who are deeply in love. Many of the abstract visuals coincide with the lyrics bringing a sense of realism to the pop odyssey of the lyrics. It is an engaging video that brings a new drive to the music.

Tenderhooks fill you with slamming rock and roll vibes through the piano-driven tones of ‘Stella Heartbeat’. The piano-driven melody has your toes tapping before you know what is happening only to roll you into a rocking vibe. The vocals enhance this movement while filling you with the bliss of falling in love.

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