Fires Burn Low – The Remaining Landscape (2020)

Fires Burn Low have combined four unique tracks into a cohesive unit for their EP The Remaining Landscape. Each track has a unique character drawing on different musical styles and structures within the post-metal and post-rock genres. While each offers something wonderfully unique, they all contain the heavy instrumental rock sounds of the band.

This unique EP comes from the blending of the influences and styles of the two band members. Mike Williamson (guitar, bass) and John Page (drums) have known each other for a while as they were parts of separate rock bands. Their interest in heavier music brought them together and they created a creative outlet in Fires Burn Low. Using their instrumental skills, they keep you hooked and unsure what the next track holds for you.

The EP starts with the progressive ‘A Light That Ignites’. The slow build-up of the music effortlessly draws you into the track. The opening has a light tone to it like the sun gently breaking over the horizon before the heavier tones hit. The pounding drums and guitars swing the flow of the music to something completely different. The instruments are able to infuse a range of emotions into the music which highlights the abilities of the band. At times, it is almost like you can hear the instruments talking to you and telling you the tale of ignition.

‘Descend The Caldera’ takes a heavier and darker turn but uses a completely different sonic structure. The opening has these separate beats with a vibrating guitar line that builds tension in your shoulders. This crashes into the guitars that have a dark thread of doom rock resting in the outer edges. This is a much heavier track full of darkness and something almost ominous. The tension woven into the music makes you feel like something terrible is about to break free.

The clicking tones that open ‘Remembrance’ combine with the guitar line for an overall catchy track. There is a livelier and more upbeat vibe to this track that is felt from the first moment. While lighter, there is still the signature heaviness to the music that comes pulsing through with the guitar riffs. This is a great track that has you hooked from start to finish. The flow of the music has your head moving while you get lost in the instrumentation.

The EP ends with ‘After This All Ends’ which, again, brings a completely new sound. There is a listing flow to the opening that has a hint of folk to hit. The acoustic instrumentation is wonderful on the track as it sets a gentle pace to the music that has you breathing easily. This gives way to the heavy guitar lines creating an utterly mesmerising contrast. The play of melodic elements against each other adds a depth to the music that gets you thinking about the dichotomy of life.

Fires Burn Low use four very different tracks to create the mesmerising story of their EP The Remaining Landscape. Each track highlights the musical prowess of the band as you move from doom metal tones to folky acoustics and everything in between.

Find out more about Fires Burn Low on their Instagram and Spotify.

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