SERENA – Wild Lavender (2020)

As a teaser for her 2021 EP release, SERENA has unleashed the hard-hitting single ‘Wild Lavender’. This spoken-word track focuses on climate change and denounces a certain political attitude toward it. Through the music, she calls for responsibility and for people to care about the planet they live on.

The single started as SERENA’s reaction to the Standing Rock protest as she felt mad, helpless and lonely. Over the years, the lyrics became an almost mantra for her and she now hopes to empower listeners into making a change. While she embraced music at a young age, she has polished her skills at the British Institute for Modern Music and transformed them into a mesmerising soundscape.

‘Wild Lavender’ opens with a whispered vocal line with a sound sample below. The whispered vocals set the tone of the single which is unique and mesmerising. The use of spoken word vocals adds a poignant edge to the performance which makes it hit harder. When the main lyrics hit, there is an expansive feeling to it as SERENA calls out into the world. This is a very different single from everything else you might hear and really cuts through your chest making you want to be part of a change for the better.

While her spoken word vocals call out to your soul, there is a wide range of sound samples creating the backing. There are tribal chants and industrial beats that meld into a swirling soundscape that enhances the messaging of the vocals. The intense build-up drops for a gripping end that leaves your heart pounding.

SERENA unleashes a powerful call to the world through her spoken-word single ‘Wild Lavender’. The single calls out to those who want to make a change and ignites the flame for those who have not felt it yet. The intense build-up of the backing sounds matches the calling of her vocals for a captivating denouncement and appeal.

Find out more about SERENA on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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