FIRES. – Close Eyes, Deep Breath, Run (2020)

Taking on the themes of loss, grief and self-esteem, FIRES. has unleashed their debut EP Close Eyes, Deep Breath, Run. The 6-track EP is a collection of tracks from the last three years. Each track has a personal meaning and acts as a step in the emotional journey of the EP. A strong demonstration of what the band has to offer, the EP will get you hooked with carefully crafted songs and detailed production.

The emotional journey comes from Michael and Alecksyy, the duo behind the music. They were in a band together before they spent the last three years writing music for this project. Mixing punk sensibilities with an electronic edge, they will have you reflective and emotional by the end of the music.

The EP starts with ‘Intro://Fizzy_Lifting_Drinks’ which has a soundscape that is highly reflective of the title. There are tones that fizz up from the depths of the guitar before the strings lift you up. The movement of the melody is gentle and relaxed as it draws you into the soundscape of the EP. While there is a floating sensation to the music, there is also a forward momentum. The vocal sound-bite has a fuzzy edge and the music reaches a crescendo as the sound-bite ends.

‘All For This’ has a more rock vibe than the opening track. This is clear from the first guitar note and only picks up the pace as the single continues. There is a great tempo to the melody that you get swept up in. The vocals have a rough edge that combines with the thundering guitars for a wonderful rock track. The vocals drive you forward while the melody directs you to the path the band wants you to take.

The guitar line that opens ‘Change Your Mind’ has a different feel to it, but is just as captivating as the last. The pounding lines drop for the vocals to softly creep across your ears. They make a reappearance for the chorus as they pulse against your senses. The changes in the vocals are wonderful as you are gently drawn into the music before being thrust into the soaring soundscape of the chorus. This is a very engaging single that you can easily listen to again and again.


The next track is ‘Dream’ which has a progressive opening full of shimmering electronic tones. The vocals have a hazy vibe when the enter with a wonderful harmonisation. The harmonisation creates an almost echoing effect for the vocals that make the guitar line that comes in more powerful. The performance has a more soulful vibe to it on the verses only to swing to a pure rock soundscape. The interplay between the styles helps to push the messaging of the lyrics home.

‘Forgotten Sons’ fills you with an infectious energy through the guitar-driven opening. The vocals have a more hard rock vibe to them than the rest of the EP and show the versatility of the band. The change in tone for this single is great as you hit the anthemic chorus that makes you want to shout along with it. This is one of the most engaging tracks on the EP which is not an easy feat.

The EP ends with ‘A Life Worth Living (Taxes)’ which opens with a fuzzy voice-over. The heavy guitars rise from the depths under this before the dark-edged vocals hit. There is an almost ominous feeling resting in the depths of the melody before you soar on the chorus. The pounding guitars throughout the single pulse against your ears while the vocals grab you and pull you ever higher.

FIRES. are contemplating life, self-esteem and grief in the engaging, emotive and infectious tracks of Close Eyes, Deep Breath, Run. The EP is packed with engaging guitar lines, spacey undertones and perfectly crafted lyrics that send you soaring through the soundscape. Through the EP, you are treated to the bands guitar-driven sound while basking in the versatility of their music.

Find out more about FIRES. on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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