Sarah McGuinness – Christmas Everyday (No More Sad Songs) (2020)

The last year has been tough, but it is coming to an end with the joy of Christmas. Sarah McGuinness is helping you get into a jovial mood with her sweet single ‘Christmas Everyday (No More Sad Songs)’. Using a musical cascade of festive sounds, she fills you with blissful happiness and lets you leave your troubles at the door. By the end of the track, your heart will be bursting with laughter and good vibes.

Combining her enthusiasm with a heaping dose of shimmering melodies, McGuinness injects fun directly into your soul. A wonderful pick-me-up after the year we have all had, the single is a Christmas must. If the music itself doesn’t have you riding the good vibes train, the music video directed by McGuinness herself will.

‘Christmas Everyday (No More Sad Songs)’ opens with some classic Christmas song tones. This twirls into a fun Christmassy melody that makes you want to move to the rhythm. There is something resting in the melody that makes you think of snow falling while you sit in a warm room with some hot chocolate. There is a sense of unbridled joy in the track that pulses through you with the horns that blast from the lower levels of the music. The music has a wonderful melding of traditional holiday tones with something modern and uniquely McGuinness.

As the melody gets you into the fun festive mood, McGuinness’ vocals add to the bliss. Her performance has an upbeat vibe that makes you want to sing along. She is able to effortlessly put a smile on your face as she pulls you into the good vibes of the song. Her performance has a sweetness that melds with the festivities of the melody for a feel-good track that just lifts your spirits and lets you get into a fun vibe.

The music video hits you with the Christmas vibes as hard as the music does. As part of a Christmas party, McGuinness opens the video singing to the camera only for this to take a fun turn when the chorus hits. It is a fun video to watch that really gets you into the vibe of the music. The visuals on the chorus have a happy feeling as people get down to the song in a way that only ever happens at Christmas.

Sarah McGuinness fills you with blissful joy as she pumps the good vibes of Christmas into your veins with ‘Christmas Everyday (No More Sad Songs)’. The melody brings traditional Christmas tones and modern stylings together in an effortlessly catchy manner. McGuinness’ vocals add to the festive fun of the track and get you singing along to the chorus.

Find out more about Sarah McGuinness on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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