Fires of Freya – Complicated (2020)

Fires of Freya are an electrifying blues-rock band from the UK. The band members, Cheryl Reynolds (lead vocals, keyboards), Shaun Evans (guitar, backing vocals), Dan Baldwin (drums) and James Withington (bass guitar) came together on the website Join My Band. It was mutual respect and love of similar music that brought these strangers together in 2017.

Their previous release has been played on radio stations across the world and the band played the O2 Academy Newcastle. In February 2020, Fires of Freya released their second single ‘Complicated’. The track shows the passion the band has for music and is an exciting glimpse of what they have to offer.

‘Complicated’ starts with a bluesy opening that gets your head moving to the beat. Reynolds’ smoky vocals enter and are bolstered by the instruments. The track engages you from the opening notes to the last. While the vocals drive the tale of the song, the guitars and drums play a huge role in the overall tone. The instrumental sections are a pleasure to listen to and meld with the vocals to form a cohesive track.

The song is about how dealing with the demons in your mind and mental health can affect relationships. From the first words, the picture is painted and the passion for the music and message is clear. It is an unapologetic insight into the feelings so many people have and silently struggle with.

‘Complicated’ is a bluesy rock number that showcases the artistic abilities of Fires of Freya. Reynolds’ vocals slide over the musical notes to create an engaging and emotive track. The cohesion and polish of this song make it hard to believe it is only the band’s second release.

Find out more about Fires of Freya on their Facebook, Twitter, Spotify and Instagram.

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