Track of the Day: Ebony Buckle – Ghost

Born in Townsville, Australia, but now based in the UK capital of London, Ebony Buckle is one of the most interesting singer/songwriters to cross my virtual desk. Over the last couple of years, Buckle has defined her whimsical pop sound using complex harmonies and imaginative narratives. Simple instrumentation (mostly the piano) combined with soft and poetic vocals is the name of the game with Ebony Buckle. Her latest release is the single ‘Ghost’.

As with most of her other tracks, ‘Ghost’ was based on a personal experience. Written with her English husband and their battle to renew her visa in mind, ‘Ghost’ is a heart-wrenching and relatable release. Buckle’s delicate vocals express raw, honest emotion and her pain of feeling utterly helpless. The lyrics combined with her soft vocals make this a heartbreaking track that you will fall in love with!

“My husband and I wrote this over Skype when we were separated for nearly two years after my marriage visa was refused by the Home Office.  I was depressed and I didn’t really cope. I was stuck in limbo; we both were. Limbo I think is one of the worst states to be held in. You stop being able to see your future in your mind or make plans. This song was almost part of my healing, I think. It was the first thing I was able to write after months and months of nothing. I almost couldn’t bear to sing and so when we wrote this over Skype it almost felt like a dam had burst and I was allowing myself to start feeling again.”  – Ebony Buckle on ‘Ghost’

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