FiveSidedDice – Disposable, Pt. 1 (2020)

Are you looking for a variety of composition styles in a short EP that you can listen to at any time? Well, FiveSidedDice has just what you need with his 4-track EP Disposable, Pt. 1. While the EP is a tongue-in-cheek look at the disregard the public generally has for underground and lesser-known artists, it also covers much more.  Touching on various emotions and situations, each track considers how we interact with and view other people.

This consideration comes from Roscoe Nefdt who draws on influences ranging from indie-folk to jazz and punk rock. Combining these influences, he has created a genre-defying sound that continues to evolve. Over several albums and EPs, he has been captivating listeners who are looking for something new and exciting.

The EP starts with ‘Annoying’ which grabs your attention from the first drum slapping moment. The melding of the beats and guitar build up to a moment of bursting vocals that have a wonderful alternative rock vibe. The track has an interesting movement as it bursts out on the chorus only to dip for the verses for an introspection on inadequacy and annoyance with the rest of the human race. Lurking within the vocals and melody is a lot of emotion that pulses through you with the guitar line.

‘Fall Any Deeper’ has a slightly funkier folk vibe to it that gets your head moving to the guitar lines. The vocals are also softer on the track as it offers an almost hazy vibe. This perfectly matches the lyrics that consider the fear of growing attached to someone. There is a fairly easy flow to the song that you can float along to. It is a serious change from the opening track and just highlights how versatile Nefdt’s musicality is.

Another change comes with ‘Plastic Shimmer’ and the fluid guitar opening. The rolling beats and guitar pull you into the song before the vocals hit you with an indie-rock vibe. The almost easy feeling to the melody on the verses turns to something a little more aggressive yet hopeless on the chorus. Through the single, you are filled with a sense of searching for the good in the world. This is tinged with a hint of suspicious and weariness. The smooth vocals help these emotions infiltrate your brain.

The EP comes to an end with ‘I Found My Home’ and the captivating acoustic guitar opening. The song has an expansive feeling in the opening before the vocals hit you with an intimate vibe. Nefdt’s performance has a wonderful warmth as he finds a sense of home in the presence of another person. The intimacy of the song flows through in both the melody and the vocals leaving you with a warm touch covering your skin.

Using a combination of composition styles, FiveSidedDice takes you through a consideration of human interactions in Disposable, Pt 1. The 4-track EP showcases his musical versatility while filling you to the brim with various emotions. Through the tracks, you are filled with annoyance, weariness, fear and a sense of home.

Find out more about FiveSidedDice on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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