Track of the Day: Longsman – By Your Side

Working under the pseudonym Longsman, solo artist Adam White is sharing his innovative, eclectic and engaging music with the world…or at least everyone who comes across his stuff. Based in London, White produces all his music in his home studio (also known as his bedroom) using only an iPad, electric guitar and his distinctive vocals. While he has performance experience with other bands, Longsman has yet to grace a stage having formed during the worst time for live music – can you guess what pandemic I’m talking about? Hint: it begins with a ‘C’.

Earlier this year, White released his popular debut single ‘Missing You’ (which we reviewed here) and in September he released his debut EP Standing On My Own (which we reviewed here). The track we are looking at in this article is ‘By Your Side’.

Lyrically, the track is insightful, poignant and a true expression of vulnerability in times of distress. However, despite the heartache of the narrative, White tosses in some inspirational and hopeful words to the pot. Sonically, White maintains his Pulp-esque style with brusque vocals and simple, upbeat instrumentation to emphasise the personal emotional rollercoaster. ‘By Your Side’ is a sincere and sombre track with raw honesty…I like it.

“This song is particularly personal as it reflects a tough moment in life that me and my partner are going through.” – Longsman on ‘By Your Side’

For more from Longsman, check out his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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