Fleurr – Fireflies (2020)

Fleurr is the moniker of singer-songwriter Angela Powis. She started off writing poetry but changed to songs after someone asked her about this at a public recital. Since then, she has been honing her writing and started singing her own music. This has all led to her latest single ‘Fireflies’.

The song is an analogy of love as fireflies mate once and then die. It is a look at finding ‘the one’ which is something that Fleurr believes most want. The light of the fireflies is used as a metaphor for the good parts of people’s souls.

‘Fireflies’ gets you into the mood with a progressive opening that slowly becomes louder, much like fireflies taking to the air. The deep beats of the song add an earthiness to the track that perfectly compliments Fleurr’s ethereal vocals. While the melody is relatively simplistic and minimalist, it works at driving the messaging of the track.

As the melody sets the tempo and scene of the song, the vocals help you take flight. Her performance flitters over you and transports you to a different plain. Her soft performance highlights the poetic lyrics of the track which are full of metaphors. While packed with analogies, the lyrics are still relatable without making you worry about missing the theme of the song.

Fleurr flies over your senses with a soft pop vibe and ethereal vocals in ‘Fireflies’. While the single uses poetic lyrics to draw an analogy of love, it is the vocal performance that really captivates you.

Find out more about Fleurr on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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