Matilda Eyre – Water (2020)

Matilda Eyre is a singer, musician and producer who has been honing her skills since her debut singles in 2018. Drawn to eerie soundscapes, she melds electronica with alternative pop to craft delicate melodies and narratives. She has now teamed up with writer-producer PALMR for her latest single ‘Water’.

Using progressive electronica and indie-pop, the pair look at stepping into your strength and finally going for everything that you want. The song considers leaving all the heaviness you feel behind and being free to pursue your dreams. While uplifting, the track does have a more sombre beginning as the delicate story revolves around losing someone close to you.

‘Water’ has this opening that seems to be a cinematic build-up that gives way to Eyre’s vocals. It is a very captivating opening that really grabs your attention while highlighting the light and gentle tone of her vocals. This opening leads you to an engaging vocal performance that gets you moving to the beat. The smoother and slower verses let you appreciate her vocals while the chorus has a more dance beat to them where her vocals soar.

While Eyre’s melodic vocals get you moving, it is the beat of the track that has your foot tapping. There is something very electro about it, but it is also gentle so as to not overpower the vocals. When these elements are combined they showcase the power of both Eyre and PALMR.

Matilda Eyre uses a catchy melody and vocals to help you step into your strength and pursue your dreams in ‘Water’. The track is uplifting while getting you to move to the extremely fun beat.

Find out more about Matilda Eyre on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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