Fonz Tramontano – Tonight (2021)

There are times when you see someone and you are completely consumed by their mere presence. These moments have been turned into a classic house style single by Fonz Tramontano for ‘Tonight’. Set in a club, the single has you seeing the most amazing person across a crowded dance floor. Packed with thumping beats and high-octane energy, it works through the feeling of being overcome by their presence.

While hitting you with the undeniable presence of someone, Tramontano also looks to lift the worry and stress of lockdown. With the uplifting spirit of his music, he has you moving to his groove while shrugging off the cobwebs and negativity that the pandemic has brought. Helping the single hit a little closer to home, he combines the moving sounds with both male and female vocals.

‘Tonight’ fills you with some classic house and electronic beats from the first moment. The melody takes you back to the last time you were in a club with the lights pulsing and bodies moving on the dance floor. There is something undeniable about the beats in the lower level of the track that gets your heart pumping and your muscles tensing to dance. The spirit of partying late into the night is soaked into the melody that does not let up for a second throughout the single. With zinging synths and deep house tones, you will get lost in the energy of the music.

As you move to the energy of the music, the vocals are like the heat generated by the movement of bodies in a club. The male vocals come through the beats first and draw your attention like the presence of someone you can’t miss in a club. The harmonisations create a hazy wave over you before you are drawn into the female vocals. There is an irresistible call in the vocals that beckon you to join them on the dance floor and get lost in the music.

Fonz Tramontano fills you with the energy of a night spent at a club with pulsing lights, zinging synths and lively tones in ‘Tonight’. Using a classic deep house beat, he gets your muscles tense for a night of dancing on a hot dance floor. Around this, he wraps the feeling of seeing someone across the dance floor and being consumed by their presence.

Find out more about Fonz Tramontano on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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