Lucy James – Cloudy Vision (2021)

Overthinking can easily cloud our minds and ends up doing more harm than good. This is what Lucy James uses as the basis for her single ‘Cloudy Vision’. Through the music, she reflects on how many people revert to over analysing and micromanaging when in doubt. When doing this, we often find it difficult to be in our own company and that is something James wants to remedy.

With harmonic storytelling and driving lyrics, the single offers a moment of mindfulness in a world that always seems to be rushed. Drawing on pop, jazz and soul, James crafts an engaging soundscape with the help of Dave Rowell on guitar and drums.

‘Cloudy Vision’ opens with James’ powerful vocals as she pulls you into the emotionally driven track. Through the power of her vocals, you are wrapped in a meditative soundscape. Her vocals have a flowing feeling that has you breathing easy and sitting back to relax into the plush vibes. While her performance is relaxing in its flow, there is something melancholic resting in it. There is a soulful feeling to her voice that rides a light dreamy pop tone. Through her voice, you are filled with worries that weigh your mind down only to move to a sense of freedom.

The meditative vibes of the vocals are enhanced by the acoustic guitar in the melody. The guitar drives the first part of the track before the piano takes your hand and leads you through the vocals. While the melody offers its own richness to the music, it primarily bolsters the vocals which are the real driving factor of the single.

Lucy James pulls you into a dreamy soundscape through the soulful movement of her vocals in ‘Cloudy Vision’. Through her performance, you are drawn into feelings of uncertainty and melancholy only to feel a gentle push to overcome this. The melody rests below her powerful vocals to enhance it while the movement of her voice drives the single forward.

Find out more about Lucy James on her Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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