Foreign Television – School Reunion (2020)

In a lead-up to his upcoming album, Foreign Television has released ‘School Reunion’ and the B-side ‘Her Town Too’. Focusing on an existential crisis at a school reunion, the lead track draws on inspiration from 90s indie bands. The B-side is a cover of the James Taylor track looking at what happens to friendships when long-term relationships end.

Francis Allen, the man behind the music, is a multi-instrumentalist blending alternative rock with dream pop. This is clear on the lead track which will hopefully not stop anyone from attending their own school. Reunion. The choice of cover song is a personal one as ‘Her Town Too’ was his favourite song in his youth.

The main single ‘School Reunion’ hits you with some 90s indie band vibes through the opening. There is a flowing feeling to the melody that hints at a sense of nostalgia that comes with school reunions. However, this is woven into a melancholic vocal performance. Allen’s vocals have a feeling of apathy as he takes you through the existential crisis taking place. As you are drawn down the melody, there is a shimmering feeling to the music that makes you think it could shudder apart if you press it too hard.

A soft piano line draws you into the cover of ‘Her Town Too’. There is a haziness to the vocals that take this version away from the original. Allen adds a heavier dreamy edge to the single compared to the original. The harmonisations bolster the emotion of the lyrics and come together perfectly. The original single packs an emotion hit, but the dreamy vibe to this version adds a little edge to this. As a fan of James Taylor and the original ‘Her Town Too’, this is an excellent cover as it captures the emotions of the single while adding Allen’s own twist to it.

Foreign Television considers having an existential crisis and the breakdown of a relationship in the dual release of ‘School Reunion’ and ‘Her Town Too’. The 90s rock vibes of ‘School Reunion’ meld with the melancholic and apathetic vocals for a wonderful depth. The cover of ‘Her Town Too’ adds a unique flair to the single while keeping the emotional impact of the original.

Find out more about Foreign Television on his Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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