Tash Hills – First Breath (2020)

Tash Hills got us addicted to her jazzy funk sound with the infectious ‘Stepping Out’. Adding a splash of 80s soul to the mix, she has unleashed her second single ‘First Breath’ on the world. Through the single, she empowers listeners to tell those you love how much they mean to you while evoking a sense of joy.

Another single off her upcoming EP, she has you moving to her groove. Combining funky instrumentation with killer bass lines, her music drives through you leaving you bouncing and weaving to her sound. Drawing on big names from the past, she means business with her upbeat and sassy tones.

‘First Breath’ pumps Hills’ funky sound into your brain from the first catchy note. The melody has a pumping flow that gets you moving to it before you realise what your body is doing. The music has an upbeat vibe that is pumped into your veins by the horns. There is a dash of 80s soul resting in the lower levels of the melody and the flow of the vocals. As you let the melody wash over you, it fills you with a sense of joy and happiness.

Hills’ vocals continue the upbeat vibe of the melody. She has a lot of power in her performance that makes you want to dance and play the song as loud as possible. Through the lyrics, she empowers you to let those you love know how you feel. There is an infectious flow to her performance that will get you singing to the chorus. The combination of the upbeat melody and her captivating vocals results in a single that you can listen to again and again without getting tired of it.

Tash Hills fills you with infectious joy as she empowers you to let people know you love them in the upbeat funky beats of ‘First Breath’. The melody has you moving to the groove as the horns pulse the lively vibes into you. Hills’ vocals continue the injection of good vibes while getting you to sing along.

Find out more about Tash Hills on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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