Foreignfox – Fractions (2020)

Founded in 2013, Foreignfox is an alternative rock quartet with a reputation for engaging and emotive music. Described by BBC Radio Scotland as “a force to be reckoned with” and “a band truly on the edge of greatness” by Amazing Radio, the Edinburgh-based foursome are making waves with their insightful singles. With multiple tours and performances at notable festivals, Foreignfox is building their experience and discography with the latest single ‘Fractions’.

If Oasis, The Stone Roses, The Verve and Interpol were to combine their sounds, the chances are likely you would have something reminiscent of Foreignfox’s ‘Fractions’.  Reflective and introspective, the single is a five-minute insight into regret, despair and vulnerability. Showcasing their innovativeness and ability to connect with their listener, the melodic dips and rises enhance sensations of insecurity, apprehension and sincerity. While the melody alone can take one on a sensational journey, it is the vocals that increase the sentimentality of ‘Fractions’.

A nostalgic track, ‘Fractions’ uses sombre reflections to intensify the rumination on one’s past and revelations of this reflection. The bold vocals effortlessly merge with the dynamic drumming and powerful guitars creating a hypnotic ambience placing one in an exposed position, but with a reassuring comforting in its overall warmth. Yet, the lulling of one into a cloistered haze of indie-rock does not last long as the single ends with the line “it was all a phase” seemingly dragging you down into a mire of regret. Powerful and filled with raw honesty, Foreignfox have outdone themselves with ‘Fractions’.

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