Nick Howe – Wide Awake (2020)

While Nick Howe comes from a long line of entertainers, he is a consummate musician who does not take his foot off the gas. His relentless drive is mixed with potent creativity and tenacity generating unforgettable releases. His new single ‘Wide Awake’ continues his relentless musical trajectory.

Co-written with Billy Locket, the song details Howe’s front-row view of a friend’s battle with addiction. The song tracks the subsequent realisation and path to recovery. Through a deeply personal lens, Howe uses progressive optimism and uplifting melodies to create a relatable track.

‘Wide Awake’ uses a gentle opening to hook you before Howe’s smooth vocals grab you. There is a moving beat lying under the spirited piano. The melody starts with a melancholic note, but this builds up to an uplifting crescendo that pulses through you. The arrangement and progressive incline are wonderfully executed and really helps drive the lyrics home.

As with the melody, the lyrics start out drenched in melancholy before they move to optimism. While the lyrics and melody work in perfect sync to build up the song, it is Howe’s vocals that form the killer hook of the single. They slowly and surely draw you into the song and help you engage with the emotive subject matter. His powerful drive also makes the chorus catchy and rocks you in the climax.

Nick Howe uses his inherent knack for creating gripping music to hook you with ‘Wide Awake’. The song uses optimism and melancholy to build you up to the weighted crescendo that takes you breath away.

Find out more about Nick Howe on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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